Annexation of Riverset Development

An annexation application petition has been filed for 21 S. Sunset Street to annex the 21-acre property into the city and zone it mixed use-employment. An accompanying annexation concept plan has been submitted with
the application which proposes residential apartments and duplexes on the west side of the property and a 20,000 square foot commercial building on the east side facing Sunset Street.

Stand With Our St Vrain Creek is watching this annexation with interest due to the property’s proximity to St. Vrain Creek and Roger’s Grove Nature Area. The current concept plan is vague and we’d like to know more about how the applicant intends to mitigate any potential impacts of future development on the surrounding area and how the development falls in line with the Sustainable Evaluation System.

Concept Plan – Rivertown Longmont – 12.02.2020

Sustainable Evaluation System Tool

On Tuesday, November 19, 2019, Longmont City staff presented an update on the Sustainable Evaluation System tool they are developing to “score” development applications on their value with regard to profitability, environmental sustainability, and social equity.

Staff asked for direction from Council with regard to what “adjacent” to riparian areas means in terms of what properties the SES tool would be applicable too and what water bodies should be added to the 150 foot riparian setback requirement. City staff recommended that the tool initially only be used to evaluate development applications seeking a variance to the 150 foot setback. Staff also recommended that the 150 foot setback be initially extended only to those portions of the additional waterways mentioned in the Wildlife Management Plan update (Dry Creek #1, Lykins Gulch, Spring Gulch #1 and Spring Gulch #2) for which the setback would be easiest (cheaper, more efficient, best quality habitat etc.) to implement. In the attached slide show, those sections are marked in green on the map.

The current Longmont Development Code applies a 100 foot setback for development along all waterways not specifically mentioned in the Code. Any variance requests for development along these waterways, as well as the ones to which the 150 foot setback requirement apply, would have to go to City Council for approval.

City Council concurred with Staff’s recommendations.

Click on the picture below to access the link to view the full PowerPoint presentation.thumbnail of 11192019 SES PowerPoint Presentation