Annexation of Riverset Development

An annexation application petition has been filed for 21 S. Sunset Street to annex the 21-acre property into the city and zone it mixed use-employment. An accompanying annexation concept plan has been submitted with
the application which proposes residential apartments and duplexes on the west side of the property and a 20,000 square foot commercial building on the east side facing Sunset Street.

Stand With Our St Vrain Creek is watching this annexation with interest due to the property’s proximity to St. Vrain Creek and Roger’s Grove Nature Area. The current concept plan is vague and we’d like to know more about how the applicant intends to mitigate any potential impacts of future development on the surrounding area and how the development falls in line with the Sustainable Evaluation System.

Concept Plan – Rivertown Longmont – 12.02.2020

One thought on “Annexation of Riverset Development”

  1. We believe that preserving this land as an open green space is vital to the community for future generations. Do not develop this space but preserve it as a natural area. This is an opportunity, far more important to the future of children and people living in Longmont. All studies substantiate the importance of preserving green natural areas within communities, providing psychological respite from concentrated population and commercial growth areas. If you care about children and the quality of life in this community then preserving this area as open space is of the utmost importance. Far more important than the concentration of more housing and business.

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