City of Loveland Seeks to Build Bike Trail Near Golden Eagle Nest Site

We’ve been alerted by our sister conservation organization Front Range Nesting Bald Eagle Studies (FRNBES) that the City of Loveland is seeking to build a bike trail within 1/3 of a mile of the nest of a pair of Golden Eagles. Normally, Golden Eagles nest along cliff ledges, but this pair is rare in that they’ve chosen a tree as a nesting spot. They are the only documented tree-nesting Golden Eagle pair on the northern Colorado Front Range.
Colorado Parks and Wildlife guidelines call for maintaining a buffer of at least a 1/2 mile between trails and an eagle nest. Encroaching within 1/3 of a mile is likely to cause nest disturbance and, potentially, nest failure.  
For further information about this issue and how to send in your comments, please go to the FRNBES website:

One thought on “City of Loveland Seeks to Build Bike Trail Near Golden Eagle Nest Site”

  1. Please reroute the proposed bike trail in Loveland so that it is at least 1/2 mile away from the tree-nesting golden eagle pair as recommended in the Colorado Parks & Wildlife guidelines. We humans of course need to have a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities, but not at the expense of our rapidly diminishing wildlife.

    Thank you.

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