Your Accomplishments

Last year a member of Stand With Our St. Vrain Creek made us aware that the Osprey nest platform on N 75th Street was threatened by a new housing development. Construction equipment rolled by directly beneath the nest platform even after the birds had returned from migration, no doubt the cause of the nest’s failure last year.

Thanks to your efforts in contacting Boulder County’s commissioners and Longmont officials, the nest platform is being moved to a more suitable site!

5 thoughts on “Your Accomplishments”

  1. It appears the platform is no longer at that site, and the returning osprey are building a nest atop the siren pole (very near where the original nesting platform was located). They are in for a rude awakening when if that siren goes off.

    Do you know if there are plans to re-erect a nesting platform near the 75th street location? Last year I thought the platform was relocated just south east of the original location, but I don’t see it there this year.

    1. Hi Jesse, the nest platform at 75th was removed due to human encroachment (a new housing development with construction directly below the nest platform). A new pole was erected not far away. If a new platform was not attached to the pole, then it’s useless as a nesting site! I will be checking in with the city to find out what’s going on there. Thankfully the tornado siren system has been decommissioned, so the siren won’t be going off (someone has purchased the sirens, but I’m not sure when they’re going to physically remove and move them–it’s been a year or two already), but you’re right that they’re not a great nesting surface. Thanks for letting us know.

  2. I finally found where the nest was relocated. It is in a field south of the original site on 75th. Obviously the birds didn’t like that location. I’m disappointed that the pole wasn’t moved directly West of 75th. I believe that is boulder county land and the birds would have to happier than on the emergency siren pole.

    1. The City of Longmont discussed moving the nest platform across the road, but Boulder County was not in favor of that plan for several reasons. That’s why the pole was moved elsewhere. Unfortunately, you’re right, the birds either did not like the new pole or, more likely, they just chose the closest site near where they had previously been nesting (the defunct siren). When the Osprey first nested in the city, they used that same siren before the City put up a nest platform for them nearby. I guess we’ll see whether the nest is successful this year or not.

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