Citizen Surveys

City staff have put out 2 surveys on their new Engage Longmont site regarding the Main Street Corridor Plan and the STEAM plan, which has ideas for building along the St. Vrain Creek corridor.

These surveys end on Sunday, July 28th. Please let your voice be heard and fill out these surveys.

Main Street Corridor survey:

STEAM survey:


St. Vrain Left Hand Water Conservancy District staff are seeking input on the St. Vrain Left Hand Stream Management Plan process. There are 2 upcoming events in Longmont for you to provide input (see the flyer below). You can also fill out a survey.

This is another opportunity to let officials know that the 150 foot riparian buffer should be maintained and that impervious materials (such as concrete sidewalks and parking lots) should be minimized near bodies of water to prevent stormwater runoff.

thumbnail of Flyer Draft 9-27-2018_Final




Open Space Master Plan Survey Results

As part of the process to update its Open Space Master Plan, the City of Longmont conducted a survey earlier this year to get feedback on community priorities with regards to open space. The City sent out a survey invite to random Longmont residents as well as allowed people who weren’t selected for the survey to respond to the survey questions on the City’s website.

Survey results have now been posted. Of the top 10 findings of the survey, a majority of survey respondents believe additional open space properties should be acquired to keep pace with population growth. Most respondents also believe that the most important function of open space is to protect natural areas from development, and that it is important to preserve wildlife habitat (including rivers, creeks, riparian corridors, and wetlands).

Reminder: Open Space Master Plan Survey Closes April 1st

Longmont’s Natural Resources Department is still seeking comments from residents regarding its update of the city’s Open Space Master Plan until Monday, April 1st. Please consider making your voice heard by responding to the survey. It only takes a couple of minutes. You can find the survey here .