Windy Gap Firming Project Settlement Agreement

Plaintiffs in Case No. 21-1036 – Save the Colorado, et. al. v. United States Bureau of Reclamation have reached a settlement agreement, the text of which can be found below.

The agreement states that the Municipal Subdistrict, Windy Gap Firming Project Water Activity Enterprise will pay a total of $15,000,000 to the Grand Foundation for the “design, construction and maintenance of projects to improve a) aquatic habitat, b) riparian habitat, or c) water quality in Grand Lake, Shadow Mountain Reservoir, Granby Reservoir, the Colorado River from Granby Reservoir to its confluence with the Williams Fork River, or the Fraser River between the Town of Winter Park and Windy Gap Reservoir, with priority given to projects that address impacts caused by the Windy Gap Project and
Windy Gap Firming Project.”

21-1036 Settlement Agreement Final 2021-04-20 signed
21-1036 Settlement Agreement Final 2021-04-20 signed

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